Haiti: Year Zero. Leogane was the epicenter of the January 12 earthquake. To say the least, this small town was flattened and had a death toll of over 30%. The largest structure, the church, lost its roof entirely and the plaza in front of it had become a makeshift refugee camp. Somehow this quake shattered more than lives and structures, in a place like Haiti, the predominantly catholic belief was questioned when so many churches, especially in Port-Au-Prince fell. Follow me and @nadavphoto as we share our experiences covering the aftermath until the fifth anniversary next January.

Dhaka And The Density of Space Of all the mega cities I have ever been or lived in, Dhaka impressed me the most. It’s mere size, not so large, but the fact that it’s actually quite small compared to other cities but yet still so densely packed through out all corners and expanding made me feel both warmth and anxious. High rises are being built so fast there are few civil regulations being observed. The photo on the right shows you the space between three residential buildings seen in the center, while the image on the right in the same place shows you the lack of both privacy and water.

©2010 Carlos Cazalis/All Rights Reserved. Dhaka, Bangladesh

Haiti: Year Zero. The Haitian presidential palace crumbled from the 7.0 magnitude #earthquake. The most beautiful building in all Haiti and a symbol of power was gone. As I photographed, an eloquent young man outside the gate, apporached me and shared his opinion with me, it was a testament. “We are happy this palace has crumbled, for it is the devil’s lair which has fallen. It has oppressed us for many, many years.”

Haiti: Year Zero. I arrived in Port-au-Prince four days after Haiti’s catastrophic earthquake on 12 January 2010. What I encountered and photographed there was the beginning of a difficult journey that would bring me back to the island several times over the following 18 months. As the five-year anniversary of the earthquake nears, photographer @nadavphoto and I will be posting images until the anniversary on January 12, 2015 that recall the devastation and trauma of the earthquake, but also the countless moments of passion, crisis, spirituality and redemption that marked the many months after its aftermath. Follow us on instagram and experience the personal stories that were born out of this cataclysmic event at #haitiyearzero. Your comments and shares will be welcome.

Enrique Peña Nieto,current president of Mexico, celebrated from a high balcony looking down on the people as the armed forces paraded in celebration of #independence day and thousands of people were bused in by his PRI party from the State of Mexico on the simple offer of a place, breakfast and a lunch box. How can we be independent when we depend on the military to have a sense of security in a country with over 22,000 #disappeared, with rampant political #corruption, with #drug lords running not towns or cities, but states, ports and political offices and a military prone to help them? We are dependent in Mexico and we can’t admit to it. We are dependent of old habits of #unworthiness, of #oppression, of #disdain, of #colonialism, of hate to indigenous people, of lack of self love, of #dictators and of political class that is to say the least, selfish. The opportunity to wake up comes every now and then but if you don’t get up no one will hold you up.

Luis Donaldo Colosio. was murdered in Tijuana on March 23, 1994 as a presidential candidate for the Mexican right wing party PRI. His death is associated to a controversial speech he gave days before on March 6 where he spoke of a deep change of consciousness and social political reform needed in both the country and the party. Mexico suffered a dramatic year with an indigenous rebellion in.the southern state of Chiapas and more political assassinations. Change is something Mexico has never been fond of and that year after more than 70 years of authoritarian rule by the PRI, the country out of fear, once again voted for the right. Six years ago the country voted for the PRD, the left, in a controversial election with the same candidate Cuauhtemoc Cardenas and large evidence of fraud by the party in power, PRI. #revolution #Mexico #pri #16sept #Independence #colosio #election #change #power

Sub-Comandante Marcos. Mexican social psychology is a great research topic in our identification with the vanquished and not the victors, being children of both. We say “they”, the Spaniards arrived and conquered “us”. Why do we call ourselves the conquered if we too are conquerors? Have we not eyes of all colors and skins of all shades? Do we not call ourselves Carlos, Miguel, Antonio, Maria, Carmen? We have surnames González López, Payan, Cardenas, Aguilar, Toledo, Segovia, Cortés. The idyllic and silly vision we have of the Aztec Empire we think of it in Spanish and when we insult Spain we curse in Spanish. A people urged psychoanalysis is what we are, where despite so much indigenious culture, the indians can not take up arms without a güerito (a fare skinned man) to take the spotlight: a fatality worthy of study. Text: Luis Gonzalez de Alba from the book “My Teacher’s Lies”, 1996.

General Lazaro Cardenas, 44th President of Mexico. “The official history of Mexico is a long series of glorious defeats and a heavy directory defeated heroes. Starting with #Cuauhtémoc and his prophetic name, eagle that falls, up until #Zapata, we venerate the fall, the failure and we consecrate it as a symbol of purity. Cuauhtémoc, the last emperor of an empire detested by all its neighbours and vassals, is our purest hero, not for his exploits nor for what he built or his conquests, for he had no time for them, but because he is the big loser. #Hidalgo is the father of the country by decree, not by his achievements, for his failed rebellion was crushed in a short time, like many others during colonial times; #Morelos led another uprising of smaller extent in a vast territory and his defeat was absolute; #Guerrero simply became a fugitive lost in the mountains of the south, where he could have stayed and died a natural death of old age, because in no way did this hidden rebel affect the progress of the #viceroyalty, as would that of any other lost in the deserts of Sonora. #Madero never got to govern and we are still expecting effective suffrage. Zapata was riddled with bullets and #land distribution had to wait until #Cardenas and more, but it was sufficient enough for an increase in population that made it impossible to give land to each peasant, without the distribution casting more protesters than beneficiaries” -Text by Luis Gonzales de #Alba from his book “My Teacher’s Lies”. #Mexico #revolution #Politics #Revolucion #heroes #pri