Haiti: Year Zero. Before the aid came, there was a storm. Before the #refugees arrived the #UN was there. Before there was #land, now there were no trees and concrete and gravel were being placed. There were still some UN-MINUSTAH corps from Chile laying down the ground with heavy machines where hundreds of tents would go up to house the Internally Displaced People living in camps in the Petionville Club. This would be Camp Corrail. So before all this aid media hype occurred I arrived early. We had been waiting over nine hours from the scheduled time, for this to finally occur and I went to speak to one of the Chileans on a tractor. He told me this was all politics, that they were rushed into laying the gravel foundation. It should be twice as thick as it is now, to prevent flash flooding, but the command and the politicians want it done by today. So the USArmy helicopter came down and the generals came to see and the refugees began to arrive. Follow #haitiyearzero as@nadavphoto and I recount memories and emotions of the tragedy’s aftermath. #haiti #refugeecamp #refugee #family #portauprince #aid #pap #minustah #idp #photojournalism #documentary #reportage #jan12 #earthquake #survivors #fifthanniversary

From Qom with Love. In my first ever visit to Iran and to the city of Qom, I was allowed to photograph briefly inside the Hazrat Fatimah Mosque. It was there that I met Ahmed Hasson, a simple man who saw me and asked me to photograph him. He was Iraqi Shiite and had made the pilgrimage here. I just felt like thanking him this morning because he is practically an unknown to me and yet I feel him very often, not only because he is on my Facebook, but just one of those human connections made entirely out of pure energy. Bless you and Iraq and Iran.

Haiti: Year Zero. In the middle of a food line at the now IDP camp, known as the Petionville Club, a missing persons sign appeared with a photograph showing a young boy in another aid distribution line, who had been lost in this same camp after the earthquake. It was surreal and in some odd sense a fatality foretold. It was four months after the disaster and there were signs and rumors of child disappearances and kidnappings. Many times I would hear that the Haitian was his own worst enemy, but I thought desperation has often made me do unconscious things. It was as if in these many desperate situations for hundreds of families a collective madness ensued. A million and half people remained homeless and in dire habitat conditions. Today the United Nations and several international Non Government Organizations began the displacement from this camp to a new camp on the outskirts of Port-Au-Prince. Follow #haitiyearzero as @nadavphoto and I recount memories and emotions of the tragedy’s aftermath. #haiti #refugeecamp #refugee #family #portauprince #aid #pap #photojournalism #documentary #reportage #jan12 #earthquake #survivors #fifthanniversary

Haiti: Year Zero. It was a former golf club turned into a priority refugee camp in the hills of Port-Au-Prince. Several hundred families had taken up camp and many had actually alteady set-up businesses two months after the quake. The Petionville Golf Club was the center of media attention due to several Hollywood stars taking their cause to this frontline. The coming rains were a menace to the mudslide prone hills. The final day would come to move the first ten families and the whole world watched. It would be a farce. This week I recount the decelopment of Camp Corrail, a deserted flood prone area outside the capital that went from refugees status to satellite city. Follow #haitiyearzero as @nadavphoto and I recount memories and emotions of the tragedy’s aftermath. #haiti #refugeecamp #refugee #family #portauprince #aid #pap #photojournalism #documentary #reportage #jan12 #earthquake #survivors #fifthanniversary

Haiti: Year Zero. I took some time off, then I went to the camps. We had been researching with Tom Phillips from The Guardian, on the amount and whereabouts of the orphans produced by the earthquake. There were already rumours as well as evidence of kidnapping and smuggling across the Dominican Republic border. The camps were obviously full of children just like the slums and streets of Port-Au-Prince. The big difference now was that anyone was walking into these unmarked and unwatched areas to do as they pleased. This included child abductions. Follow us at #haitiyearzero until the fifth anniversary on Jan 12, 2015. #haiti #portauprince #aid #pap #orphans #refugeecamps #refugee #informaleconomy #photojournalism #documentary #jan12 #earthquake #survivors #fifthanniversary #haitianchildren #idp

Haiti: Year Zero. It was more than chaos back in Port-Au-Prince but often, unless there was rubble, it was hard too see. Downtown had practically been destroyed or burned down so many of those merchants, the great majority if not all informal and on the street, were now crowding the streets in the hills, near or in Petionville where there was still cash available. Everyone selling was now crowded into small areas and competing more fiercely. Soon it felt like the population was not living but actually at a higher degree of survival mode. We often felt people had been reduced to animal qualities. Follow us at #haitiyearzero until the fifth anniversary on Jan 12, 2015. #haiti #portauprince #aid #pap #commerce #informaleconomy #photojournalism #documentary #jan12 #faith #earthquake #survivors #fifthanniversary

Haiti: Year Zero. I want to end this journey in color, in hot colors, in life. At this Easter Voudoo dance, where the death of over 200,000 from the earthquake took great importance, a small boy of twelve, with a log drum more than half his size was beating it so strong and consistently that I was waiting for him to collapse. He went on for hours and that beat is far from in my head and now embedded in my heart. These moments are so unique and yet they are not my own. The night waited for the dawn. Follow us at #haitiyearzero until the fifth anniversary on Jan 12, 2015. #haiti #vodou #voodoo #easter #earthquake #jan12 #photojournalism #documentary #faith #love #cult #religion #fifthanniversary #westafrica #gonaives #aid

Haiti: Year Zero. Easter finished in masse, outdoors amongst the earth and with those who had stood for hundreds of years, the trees, in stillness and as witnesses. The day after I would return to Port-Au-Prince to the horrors of the refugee camps but not before one last encircling dance to the beat of an endless drum to remind us that nothing last forever, not even death. Never wait for tomorrow.

Follow us at #haitiyearzero until the fifth anniversary on Jan 12, 2015.

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Haiti: Year Zero. This girl remains unidentified and is part of a series of thirty photographs of Aid Dependant Haitians who lost nearly everything including friends and family on the January 12, 2010 earthquake. When I met her, she had lost her leg remained hospitalized at a Doctors Without Borders hospital in Port-Au-Prince. She remains unidentified symbolically, in metaphor and as testimony to the present and future generations that remain feeling ignored in their plight, but who are also responsible for their current status in a constant survivor mode. The aid community as a whole has them labeled as property, as a body or even a soul in need of salvation, like the many christian organisms who descended on the island telling Haitians to stop their practices of Voudoo, for they were the reasons god punished them. When I look back on the concept of aid it seems all in good will and yet the international NGOs are limited to humane assistance and cannot build nations, especially those seen in obscurity by the world, perpetually labelling Haiti as the poorest nation in the Americas.

Follow #haitiyearzero as @nadavphoto and I recount memories and emotions of the tragedy’s aftermath.

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