"“Jump off the cliff and build your wings on the way down.” A secret of life and love."

Ray Bradbury

"Lagos knew neither what it was, nor what it ought to be. “Why is the government trying to impose on our cities the developed world model of how a city should look? They’re shying away from the fact that our economy is not as advanced as those countries’. We don’t have an economy that can adapt to all those big supermarkets. We buy things when we’re going home from work. People don’t earn much, don’t have savings, they have to buy every day because there isn’t enough electricity for a freezer. By the time it comes together, this is what you end up with; this dirty, fragmented city is what the economy can carry for now. If we shy away from that, then we continue to inflict pain on our people.”"

Leke Oduwaye
Lagos University

Chaos. Urban chaos made by man in Mexico City.
©2014 Carlos Cazalis/All Rights Reserved. Mexico City, Mexico.

Lagos Youth. Never better expressed than by Fela Kuti’s song “Suffering and Smiling”.

©2014 Carlos Cazalis/All Rights Reserved. Lagos, Nigeria.

Because It’s Midnite and Why Not? Nothing else said.

©2008 Carlos Cazalis/All Rights Reserved. São Paulo, Brazil.

Before God, There Was Space. Before The Redeemed Christian Church of God offered its holy ghost service, the abundance of space had a powerful energy awaiting its gatherers.

©2014 Carlos Cazalis/All Rights Reserved. Outskirts of Lagos, Nigeria.

One Child. in Dubai, UAE.

©2009 Carlos Cazalis/All Rights Reserved. Dubai, UAE.

For the Love Of Haiti. Consider taking note of the Lambi Fund working in Haiti for sustainable development in agriculture, horticulture and reforestation. and then make a donation.

©2011 Carlos Cazalis/All Rights Reserved. Blecke, Haiti.