Enrique Peña Nieto,current president of Mexico, celebrated from a high balcony looking down on the people as the armed forces paraded in celebration of #independence day and thousands of people were bused in by his PRI party from the State of Mexico on the simple offer of a place, breakfast and a lunch box. How can we be independent when we depend on the military to have a sense of security in a country with over 22,000 #disappeared, with rampant political #corruption, with #drug lords running not towns or cities, but states, ports and political offices and a military prone to help them? We are dependent in Mexico and we can’t admit to it. We are dependent of old habits of #unworthiness, of #oppression, of #disdain, of #colonialism, of hate to indigenous people, of lack of self love, of #dictators and of political class that is to say the least, selfish. The opportunity to wake up comes every now and then but if you don’t get up no one will hold you up.

Luis Donaldo Colosio. was murdered in Tijuana on March 23, 1994 as a presidential candidate for the Mexican right wing party PRI. His death is associated to a controversial speech he gave days before on March 6 where he spoke of a deep change of consciousness and social political reform needed in both the country and the party. Mexico suffered a dramatic year with an indigenous rebellion in.the southern state of Chiapas and more political assassinations. Change is something Mexico has never been fond of and that year after more than 70 years of authoritarian rule by the PRI, the country out of fear, once again voted for the right. Six years ago the country voted for the PRD, the left, in a controversial election with the same candidate Cuauhtemoc Cardenas and large evidence of fraud by the party in power, PRI. #revolution #Mexico #pri #16sept #Independence #colosio #election #change #power

Sub-Comandante Marcos. Mexican social psychology is a great research topic in our identification with the vanquished and not the victors, being children of both. We say “they”, the Spaniards arrived and conquered “us”. Why do we call ourselves the conquered if we too are conquerors? Have we not eyes of all colors and skins of all shades? Do we not call ourselves Carlos, Miguel, Antonio, Maria, Carmen? We have surnames González López, Payan, Cardenas, Aguilar, Toledo, Segovia, Cortés. The idyllic and silly vision we have of the Aztec Empire we think of it in Spanish and when we insult Spain we curse in Spanish. A people urged psychoanalysis is what we are, where despite so much indigenious culture, the indians can not take up arms without a güerito (a fare skinned man) to take the spotlight: a fatality worthy of study. Text: Luis Gonzalez de Alba from the book “My Teacher’s Lies”, 1996.

General Lazaro Cardenas, 44th President of Mexico. “The official history of Mexico is a long series of glorious defeats and a heavy directory defeated heroes. Starting with #Cuauhtémoc and his prophetic name, eagle that falls, up until #Zapata, we venerate the fall, the failure and we consecrate it as a symbol of purity. Cuauhtémoc, the last emperor of an empire detested by all its neighbours and vassals, is our purest hero, not for his exploits nor for what he built or his conquests, for he had no time for them, but because he is the big loser. #Hidalgo is the father of the country by decree, not by his achievements, for his failed rebellion was crushed in a short time, like many others during colonial times; #Morelos led another uprising of smaller extent in a vast territory and his defeat was absolute; #Guerrero simply became a fugitive lost in the mountains of the south, where he could have stayed and died a natural death of old age, because in no way did this hidden rebel affect the progress of the #viceroyalty, as would that of any other lost in the deserts of Sonora. #Madero never got to govern and we are still expecting effective suffrage. Zapata was riddled with bullets and #land distribution had to wait until #Cardenas and more, but it was sufficient enough for an increase in population that made it impossible to give land to each peasant, without the distribution casting more protesters than beneficiaries” -Text by Luis Gonzales de #Alba from his book “My Teacher’s Lies”. #Mexico #revolution #Politics #Revolucion #heroes #pri

Francisco Madero, organised the Anti-Reelectionist party. He was put in jail during the campaign and eventually fled to #Texas from where he organised a revolt to depose Porfirio #Diaz. He became President of #Mexico in 1911. When #Madero took office he was a reformist living an illusion. Like many politicians he went about first satisfying the proletariat and the political order forgetting that the #peasant insurgency that brought him to power was the most affected. Many considered him naive, trapped in ideaology. Two years later he was betrayed and murdered by General Victoriano #Huerta. Until this day no party in Mexico has successfully gone about an agrarian reform. The revolution is gone but the hungry hearts remain, sime buried but not forgotten. #Revolution #Revolucion #democracy #Mexico #election #heroes #villains #pri

For Liberty of All People.

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General Porfirio Diaz, can be recognized as having established the political longevity of Mexican presidents. Diaz #overthrew presidente Lerdo de Tejada in1877 and used interim president Neupocem Mendez to pass law in congress that would allow a president to be reelected. #Diaz then put General Manuel Gonzales in power from 1880-84 under the condition he would allow him to be president in 1884. Between 1887-88 he again asked congress to modify the articles on presidential elections so a president could present himself as many times as he liked. In 1904 he asks congress for an initiative to extend the presidential period from four to eight years, only six were accepted. The law remains until this day. Diaz ruled from 1884 to 1911 until he was deposed and fled in exile to France during the Mexican #Revolution. This is the legacy of authoritarian rule in Mexico and was to become of great influence on the right wing party now in power, controversially known as the PRI (Revolutionary Institutional Party)

General Victoriano Huerta, was a brutal, ruthless fighter -widely feared, despised and an alcoholic. He was a favourite of Mexican #dictator Porfirio #Díaz and rose quickly as he suppressed Indian uprisings and especially when hostilities broke out after a farcical 1910 #election. The opposition candidate, Francisco #Madero, had been arrested and later fled into exile, proclaiming revolution from safety in the United States. #Rebel leaders #Orozco, #Zapata and #Villa heeded the call and deposed Diaz who went into exile in 1911. Huerta however remained loyal to Diaz’s ideals and eventually betrayed Madero with Felix Diaz, nephew of the deposed dictator, in a conspiracy alongside American ambassador Henry Lane #Wilson, known as the the Decena Trágica. The cowardly Madero accepted Huerta’s “protection” being forced to resign and then murederd by Huerta’s command alongside Vice-President Pino #Suarez on February 21, 1913. Huerta was eventually driven from Mexico by a loose coalition of #revolutionaries, he spent a year and a half in exile before dying of cirrhosis in a Texas prison.

General Pancho Villa, leader of the #revolutionary army known as División del Norte who fought in the north of #Mexico helping Francisco #Madero become president in 1911. Many political betrayals occurred thereafter as revolutionary figures and heroes became villains and oppressors. In 1916 US president Woodrow #Wilson once supporting Villa during the revolution stopped as Mexico moved toward democracy. Eventually Villa was seen as an outlaw by both US and federal Mexican authorities and he managed to outsmart both them. The US Army led by General John Pershing rolled into Mexico more than 500 miles inward to kill Villa and for the first time using armored vehicles, airplanes and motorcycles yet still with mules and carriages carrying fuel. The US has consistently intervened in Mexico’s internal affairs for over 80 years and supported the longest lasting dictatorship, under the now established right-wing party known as #PRI.